Compete4LA Online Database Access

Purpose of the Compete4LA Online Database

The purpose of this database is to provide licensed users (End User) a tool to identify leads for procurement opportunities in activities supporting major events or for technical assistance to prepare them for future procurement opportunities. The database operator is the University of Southern California Center for Economic Development. The database provider is Data Axel.

Accessing Compete4LA Small Business Leads

The End User may access up to 200 records per download, totaling 2,000 per year. A nominal fee of $.10 per record will be billed via your user profile information for each record downloaded beyond the first 200 which are free. Monthly bills will be generated by Data Axel.

Please review the User Licensing Agreement below; you will be asked to agree to these terms when you set up your user profile.

User Licensing Agreement

The end user is receiving this data for business development and not for resale; as the end user, these data selections and record downloads are understood to be shared with database operator and data provider. The Licensed Data is for internal non-public use. The end user is expressly prohibited from sublicensing or reselling the Licensed Data to any third party; using or allowing third parties to use the Licensed Data for the purpose of compiling, enhancing, verifying, supplementing, adding to or deleting from any mailing list, geographic or trade directories, business directories, classified directories, classified advertising, or other compilation of information which is sold, rented, published, furnished or in any manner provided to or by external parties; referencing any selection criteria or presumed knowledge concerning the intended recipient of such solicitation or the source of such recipient’s name and address in any marketing or advertising for profit; co-branding or otherwise providing Licensed Data on behalf of any third party; using the Licensed Data in any service or product not specifically authorized in this Agreement or offering it through any third party agent; making the Licensed Data or any portion thereof available in an unrestricted on-line environment except by an appropriately secured and encrypted bulletin board service, tape-to-tape batch transmission, or remote job entry; using telephone number information in the address, envelope, body of a letter or elsewhere in a direct mail piece, telemarketing script, or other marketing program mailing; disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering, modifying or otherwise altering the Licensed Data or any part thereof; using the Licensed Data, either in whole or in part, as a factor in: (a) establishing an individual’s eligibility for credit or insurance; (b) connection with underwriting individual insurance; (c) evaluating an individual’s eligibility for employment or promotions, reassignment or retention as an employee; (d) in connection with a determination of an individual’s eligibility for a license or other benefit granted by a governmental authority; or (e) for soliciting survivors of deceased person; using or allowing third parties to use the Licensed Data for digital display advertising, including onboarding Licensed Data to any data management platform or other platform or public exchange.

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