Compete4LA is a first-of-its-kind online database of up to 30,000 publicly accessible small business profiles across L.A. County, providing a verified, searchable, and mappable directory of local small businesses in industries necessary to support major events.

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Businesses qualify if they are under $1 million in annual sales and fewer than 20 employees. If you are a small business interested in adding yourself to the database or updating your information, please contact.

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Built through a partnership between the Los Angeles Business Council Institute and the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy’s Center for Economic Development, Compete4LA aims to help level the playing field for local businesses that can support the region’s major sports, entertainment, and cultural events.

This small business database was created to identify and target high-need, high-opportunity and priority neighborhoods. We engaged the ERI and produced a typology to identify neighborhoods in Los Angeles County with small and underserved businesses that are ready for investment and are prepared to participate in contract opportunities for major capital infrastructure projects. Our methodology focuses on neighborhoods where strategies to target small, people of color-owned, and women-owned businesses could both stimulate economic growth and address poverty. We start the neighborhood-level analysis presented in this report with identifying three types of neighborhood: high-need neighborhoods, small business priority neighborhoods, and high-opportunity neighborhoods. We overlay these three neighborhood types to identify the census tracts that are high-need, high-opportunity, and could benefit from investment in small businesses. We then determine three tiers of investment areas, excluding those neighborhoods that are already doing well or have too low a population size. These investment areas include: Tier 1: Information Short, Tier 2: Opportunity Rich, and Tier 3: Equity Ready. Through this analysis we provide a guiding frame for investment in minority owned business owners and their communities.

This small business database was created to identify and target high-need, high-opportunity and priority neighborhoods.

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